Old Collegian becomes first woman to swim Farallones crossing
Saturday, 14 August 2016
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She set off at 11.16pm on Friday, 7 August. 17 hours and 12 minutes later, having battled violent sea-sickness, 4m swells, mental terror and near total exhaustion, Old Collegian Kim Chambers (Middlemore, 1993-94) reached the landmark Golden Gate Bridge.

As the tears rolled, Chambers knew she had swum into history as the first woman to complete the epic Farallones crossing.

"I got really emotional. It's about putting my mind and body to something...having control of the doubt and fear which floods your mind."

The 48km ocean stretch had been defeated by just four swimmers, all men. In late July, Simon Dominguez, Chambers' training partner, was forced out of the water 5km from his goal by a circling great white.

Chambers began swimming to rehabilitate one of her legs after an accident.  She is now one of the world’s foremost open water swimmers and a documentary is being made about her in San Francisco, where she now lives.

Information about the documentary is available at Kim Swims.   The KCOCA congratulates Kim on her amazing achievements.  We look forward to seeing the film!